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    Premium Appachatty with Lid, Gas compatible


    Butterfly Non-Stick Aluminium Appachatty with Lid This non-stick Aluminium Appachatty is easy to clean and makes cooking enjoyable. Ideal for people looking to cook with less or no oil. Stylishly...


    An Appachatty, also known as an Appam Pan, is a type of cookware used to make bowl-shaped appams, which are thin pancakes made from fermented rice flour batter. It is a traditional South Indian cooking utensil specifically designed for crafting authentic and delicious appams.

    The Appachatty can be made of various materials such as iron, non-stick coatings, or stainless steel, each offering unique cooking properties for preparing this traditional dish.

    Yes, Butterfly Appachatty pans are non-stick. They feature a durable Teflon Select non-stick coating that ensures residue-free cooking, making them convenient for preparing various dishes without food sticking to the surface.

    This non-stick feature is highlighted among all products of Butterfly Raga Non-Stick Aluminium Appachatty pans.

    Yes, the Appachatty pan typically comes with a lid, which plays a significant role in cooking. The lid helps to trap heat within the pan, creating a more controlled cooking environment that speeds up the cooking process.

    By retaining heat and moisture, the lid aids in cooking food more efficiently and evenly, ultimately contributing to energy savings as less time is required for cooking.

    Appachatty pans can vary in durability and expected lifespan depending on the materials used and how they are cared for. Pure ceramic cookware, which can last for decades or even lifetimes when properly maintained, is known for its durability and longevity. On the other hand, ceramic-coated cookware typically lasts one to three years before the coating starts to lose its non-stick properties. Factors such as the quality of the coating, frequency of use, cleaning methods, and maintenance practices can influence the lifespan of ceramic-coated cookware.

    The advantages of using an Appachatty pan compared to regular frying pans for making appams include:

    1)The bowl-shaped design of the Appachatty pan allows for making bowl-shaped appams, which is traditional and authentic.

    2)The lid that typically comes with an Appachatty pan helps trap heat and moisture, aiding in more efficient and even cooking.

    3)Appachatty pans are specifically designed for making appams, ensuring better results compared to using regular frying pans.

    4)The non-stick properties of some Appachatty pans make cooking appams easier and prevent sticking, enhancing the cooking experience.

    5)Appachatty pans are often made of materials like cast iron, which provide even heat distribution and retention, crucial for preparing appams to perfection.

    Butterfly Appachatty pans originate from India and are available in various countries, including Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Italy, and Finland.

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